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Combat Bot Tournament Winners!

Announcing SparkFun AVC 2017 Combat Bot tournament winners

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And we finally have Combat Bot winners! Due to the number of drops and team name changes, we had quite the challenge determining which bots belonged to student teams. If there is no student team listed as winner in any category, then to the best of our knowledge there were no student teams that won a match. If that is not the case, please email us at avc@sparkfun.com.



Adult: Tsunami, Nick Dobrikov


Adult: Skippy, Jay Ham

K12: Hungry Hungry Hippo, Jack Ham


Adult: Margin of Safety, Aaron Fan

Higher Ed: Crocubot, Colorado School of Mines


Adult: Quicksilver, Cary Weaver

Higher Ed: Little Blue, Utah State University


Adult: Crippling Depression, Robert Cowan

K12: Something Appropriate, Def Smooth a.k.a. Dr. Sheetz, Thomas Jefferson High School

All winners will be contacted to confirm prize delivery details.

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  • I know one of the combat bots won the Digikey Crowd Pleaser award; can you say which bot? Pictures of it in action would be cool!

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