Camera Time

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It's been a few days since our last posting. More and more new products are arriving!
 First, we would like to announce a $200 prize to the first user capable of capturing an image on the new CMOS digital camera. This 640x480 camera is extremely small, low cost ($19.95), and based on proven cellular technology. Unfortunately we don't have much technical info to go with it. Up for a challenge?
 The SMD connector is available now with a breakout board to follow shortly.
 We are very pleased with a new ultrasonic range finder available from Maxbotix! The EZ1 Range Finder is surprisingly simple to use, and astonishingly accurate. Point it at a wall, find out how many inches you are away. Point it at your hand, find out just how long your arms really are...
 The Lassen iQ GPS Eval kits have dropped in price! Now $99.95!
 We now have new Lithium Polymer batteries. These cells are still the 3.7V 860, 1000, and 200mAh capacities that you've seen SFE carry - but they now come in smaller, slightly thicker packaging.

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