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One-Day Sales in June!

A sale a day keeps the boredom away.

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Every now and then you have to mix things up. We like to do the occasional sale, but this one is a little different. Every weekday through the end of June, we'll be heavily discounting one SparkFun Original product each day. The easiest place to find out what's on sale is by checking the banner at the top of the page. As with most sales these prices are while supplies last and will end each day at 11:59 p.m. MDT.

Check out today's deal!

Tell us what SparkFun Original you'd like to see on sale in the comments below. Check back every weekday this month for a new deal and have a great day!

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  • Clicked on today's deal (ESP8266 Thing) and the sale price is not showing on the product page, nor when I add it to my cart. How do I get the deal price?

  • Ugh, so I got the email today, saw the link to this blog post, from there the link to the RFID kit, and assumed it was today's deal.

    Guys, really, if you're gonna link to a blog post rather than a dedicated "today's deal" page that automatically updates... At least put the date next to the item, rather than just "today".

  • Where is the 12 June Sale?

  • The easiest place to find out what’s on sale is by checking the banner at the top of the page.

    Hmm... Looking for something not normally there at the top of the page is leaving me with a very blank feeling -- did you forget to do it today? (Just a friendly reminder...)

    • OK, now I see what you mean when I go back to the "main" page. I was expecting one of those banners like you use for things like "closed for the upcoming holiday" that shows up at the top of every page.

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