SparkFun AVC 2018 is a Wrap!

Catch up on the event with the livestream, and check out the winners here.

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Thank you to everyone who came out to compete in and support our 10th Autonomous Vehicle Competition! We couldn't have done it without you, especially our incredible sponsors, DigiKey and Garmin.

A great time was had by all – humans, robots and goats alike. You can relive the glory via the livestream below or on our official AVC page, check out all the photos from the event here and congrats to our winners!

Classic AVC Winners

Speed Demons:

K-12 = Finn Braun, Louisville Middle School, Lymon

Collegiate = Georgia Institute of Technology, SEDANI

Adult = Sky Chrastina, Team Other Barry


Collegiate = Cody Kronaizl, South Dakota State University

Adult = Jeanette Breton & Cameron Hinkle, Chaos Buster

Car Wars:

Collegiate = Georgia Institute of Technology, BIGOLI

Adult = Mike Hinkle, Techno Chaos

Combat Bots Bracket Winners

Plastic Ants:

1 - Ice Man (Cameron Hinkle)

2 - Boomba (Silas Malers)


1 - Arsenic (TomSpaulding)

2 - Ignatz (Tom Spaulding)


1 - Margin of Safety (Aaron Fan)

2 - Unknown Avenger (David Liaw)


1 - Claw Viper (Kevin Milczewski)

2 - Footlong (Emmanuel Carrillo)


1 - Crippling Depression (Robert Cowan)

2 - Lots Of Margin (Aaron Fan)


1 - Rocket (Chad New)

2 - AVD (Luke Quintal)

Winners of the K-12 and University divisions for Combat Bots will be communicated with via email.

Thank you to everyone for another great event!

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