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Pi Day 2019 Giveaway

Enjoy Pi Day with a limited-time giveaway!

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Update: All giveaway kits are claimed and the kit is now retired. Check back tomorrow for some excellent Arduino Day Deals!

We still have the newest version of the pi-top in stock, which now includes an Inventor's Kit and a Raspberry Pi 3B+! This brand new addition to our catalog should help to fully satiate your desire for all things Raspberry Pi.

pi-top with Inventor's Kit - Raspberry Pi Laptop

pi-top with Inventor's Kit - Raspberry Pi Laptop


If you're still ravenous for electronics/baked good combos, look through our full Rapsberry Pi Category. Happy Pi Day!

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  • It's bad enough I missed the giveaway, but I can't even find out what it was or how it worked? pout

  • I was half-expecting to see mention of the SparkX Pi-Filter in today's post. (Particularly with the silkscreen on the back of that board.)

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