NVIDIA Goes Live with Complimentary Course: "Getting Started on AI with the Jetson Nano"

Complimentary AI Course for Users of the Jetson Nano Developer Kit

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With the release of the Jetson Nano™ Developer Kit, NVIDIA® empowers developers, researchers, students, and hobbyists to explore AI. Reinforcing its commitment to widening the accessibility to and innovation in the area of deep learning, NVIDIA has created a free, self-paced, online Deep Learning Institute (DLI) course, “Getting Started on AI with Jetson Nano.” The goal of the course is to build foundational skills to enable people to get creative with the developer kit (essentially - get the kit; take the course; build something with AI).

About the Course - “Getting Started on AI with Jetson Nano”

In this eight-hour course, participants use Python notebooks with the Jetson Nano to build a deep learning classification project with computer vision models. Participants will learn how to:

  • Set up the Jetson Nano and camera
  • Collect image data for classification models
  • Annotate image data for regression models
  • Train a neural network - use data to create models
  • Run inference on the Jetson Nano with the models created

    Upon completion, participants will be able to create their own deep learning classification and regression models with Jetson Nano. Certificates are available. Course is free to purchasers of the developer kit.

    To enroll, please visit the registration page.

    To get the materials you need for the course, purchase SparkFun's DLI Kit for Jetson Nano.

    Have You Built Anything with Jetson Nano Yet?

    We are interested in knowing more about how you are using your developer kit - what are you building? Is it personal or professional? Tell us about it in the comments below - pics would be great!

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    About the Jetson Nano Developer Kit

    The latest addition to the Jetson family, the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is a small, powerful computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. All of this is in an easy-to-use platform that runs in as little as 5 watts. The developer kit can be powered by micro-USB and comes with extensive I/Os, ranging from GPIO to CSI. This makes it simple for developers, hobbyists, students, and researchers to connect a diverse set of new sensors to enable a variety of AI applications.

    NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit (V3)


    Don’t Forget About the SparkFun JetBot AI Kit, Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano!

    This robotics platform provides the foundation to build an AI robot powered by the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. This SparkFun kit is based on the open-source NVIDIA JetBot, only it removes the need for 3D printing and hunting for parts, is easy to assemble and is designed to get users up and running as quickly as possible. This kit is currently available to preorder.

    SparkFun JetBot AI Kit v2.1 Powered by Jetson Nano

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