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We have everything you need to get started and go pro with your 3D printing.

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We recently expanded our catalog of 3D printers, filament colors and accessories (and overhauled some of our in-house 3D printers with new print surface beds, tool heads and a rainbow of filament colors, so keep an eye out in future projects and videos).

If you have never 3D printed anything before, check out our past tutorial on Getting Started with 3D Printing Using Tinkercad. You can build your own 3D model in a program like TinkerCad and then set up the Lulzbot Cura edition to match any new hardware you may pick up! Lulzbot has also created lots of great tutorials that our team members use when they are getting started with 3D printing.

If creating your own 3D model is outside your scope, feel free to skip to the section on Using The Slicer, and head on over to Thingiverse to find a file you would like to start with.

Happy printing!

Getting Started with 3D Printing Using Tinkercad

April 30, 2018

Tinkercad is a great, easy-to-use online modeling software that can have you 3D printing quickly. This tutorial will walk you through designing a simple project enclosure.

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  • John Adriaan / about 5 years ago * / 1

    I've 3D printed a replacement lid for a (commercial) Jiffy Box so that I could mount the controls for what was inside the box. More, I took the opportunity to first print just the labels, then changed the filament colour to print the rest of the lid, with voids for where the labels and controls go. The result was a high-contrast labelled lid with perfect slots for mounting the controls. See Thingiverse #3602308

    • Evan_Double_U / about 5 years ago / 1

      John, This is a very cool way to utilize two filament colors & plan this into your design. We are looking forward to playing with a new dual-extruder we have on order for our Engineering team, but we have definitely done hot swaps before in the middle of a print with mixed results. Thanks for sharing your Thingiverse project!

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