Your Raspberry Pi pHAT & HAT Resource Guide

Looking to easily expand the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson or Google Coral? Just throw a HAT on!

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If you visited our site last Friday, you noticed we released two new SparkFun Original pHATs for your Raspberry Pi: the Auto pHAT and the Top pHAT! Both were designed on the Raspbery Pi 4, but can also work with the Jetson Nano by NVIDIA, as well as the Google Coral or any development platform with a 2x20 GPIO header.

As the names imply, the Auto pHAT focuses on robotics while providing motor, servo and IMU support. The Top pHAT is a platform for those of you interested in using hardware to utilize new machine learning functions.

These are the first two official pHATs released this year, but we've collected all our existing HATs, pHATs and other add-on boards for the Raspberry Pi we've built in-house, and listed them on a handy Resource Page for you to see all their features. We do plan on adding to this page as we continue to release new pHATs. Click the link below to learn more about all of our SparkFun Original pHATs and HATs for Raspberry Pi!

Why use a SparkFun pHAT?

pHATs are stack-ons that fit neatly on a Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano or Google Coral. They quickly add functionality to your single-board computer without soldering, and you can use just one, or stack several together. With aligned mounting holes, they also make it easy to add accessories such as camera, display cables or the entire Qwiic Connect System.

See our pHATs and HATs




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  • Member #134773 / about 4 years ago / 1

    Very minor typo noted in the guide: In the caption that names the various components for the Top pHAT the number "6" is not circled (the other numbers are).

    I must be bored, reporting something like this! I'm kind of surprsied I'm the first one to catch this... ;-)

    • santaimpersonator / about 4 years ago * / 1

      Are you referring to the 6 LEDs in the Hardware Overview section of the hookup guide?

      Edit: Never mind, I'll file an issue to get that updated.

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