Raspberry Pi Safe Reboot and Shutdown Button

Using the Qwiic pHAT v2.0's general purpose button to safely reboot or shutdown your Raspberry Pi with the help of a Python script.

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Pulling the plug on your Raspberry Pi before it safely shuts down... is a bad idea! This can result in a corrupt microSD card and file system. Normally, we can use the menu bar from the GUI or type a command in the terminal window to safely shutdown the Pi.

If you are looking for a quicker solution (especially if you are using a headless setup), have no fear! You can safely turn your Raspberry Pi off using a general purpose button and a Python script! We use this ability with the Pi AVR Programmer HAT in production after programming and testing certain boards. For more information, check out the tutorial below!

Raspberry Pi Safe Reboot and Shutdown Button

April 20, 2020

Safely reboot or shutdown your Raspberry Pi to avoid corrupting the microSD card using the built-in general purpose button on the Qwiic pHAT v2.0!

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