Wireless Remote Weather Station with micro:bit

Monitor your weather station remotely with a second micro:bit!

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Did you install your micro:climate kit in a remote, hard-to-reach location and need to pull weather data easily from the comfort of your own home? Or, maybe you want to add a timestamp. With the radio blocks, a second micro:bit and the gator:RTC, you can obtain these readings wirelessly with ease.

Check out the tutorial to add additional functionality to your micro:climate kit!

Wireless Remote Weather Station with micro:bit

May 11, 2020

Monitor the weather without being exposed to it through wireless communication between two micro:bits using the radio blocks! This is useful if your weather station is installed in a location that is difficult to retrieve data from the OpenLog. We will also explore a few different ways to send and receive data.

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    I did a similar setup a several months ago sending the data to a website. see https://makingwithheld.com/2020/01/22/microbit-iot-weather-station/

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