A micro:bit Programming Deep Dive

We're back with another remote micro:bit learning session!

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Last month we hosted a webinar that showed you how to teach students all about micro:bit in order to continue STEM classes and lessons online. This week, Derek turns his focus to programming exercises that use the micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode. During this session, we will explore what the first hour of using micro:bits with students looks like, and provide a foundation for you to build off of with your students.

Our goals for this session are to provide a hands-on experience with the micro:bit, outline implementation models and, most importantly, to deepen learning expectations around computational thinking and programming through physical computing.

If you've been wondering how to incorporate STEM, computer science and programming into your remote instruction, please join us for this and our previous webinar.

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    Great video! It took me a few minutes to figure out that for some reason the "live micro:bit bubble" was mirror image...

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