Welcome, everyone! This week, we have three new products to showcase and it all starts with the new Artemis Development Kit products we announced on Wednesday. The SparkFun Artemis Development Kit and SparkFun Artemis Development Kit with Camera are available, with every existing and future Artemis Boards now featuring BLE, Arduino IDE, and Arm® Mbed™ OS software support. We round out the week with a simple USB-C to USB-C cable. Let's jump in and take a closer look!

Artemis is now feature complete!

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit


The SparkFun Artemis Development Kit is the latest board to be released around the SparkFun Artemis Module, and it allows access to more software development features than previous Artemis-based boards. Recommended software used to program the Artemis DK are the Arduino IDE, Arm® Mbed™ OS CLI, and AmbiqSDK. An updated USB interface (MKL26Z128VFM4 Arm® Cortex-M0+ MCU, from NXP) allows the Artemis Dev Kit to act as a Mass Storage Device (MSD), a Human Interface Device (HID), a Communication Port (COM) and more.

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit with Camera

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit with Camera


We also offer the Artemis Development Kit in... well, a kit! Inside you will find a USB-C cable to hook your board up to a computer and a Himax HM01B0 Camera to get you started with the platform's machine learning capabilities as easily as possible. If you want to get started using the new Artemis DK, this will provide you with everything you'll need!

USB 2.0 Type-C Cable - 1 Meter

USB 2.0 Type-C Cable - 1 Meter


This USB 2.0 Type-C cable is perfect for use with your Raspberry Pi 4 and other USB Type-C boards. USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies offer greater PCB savings while enabling high-frequency mating in data, consumer and other I/O applications.

That's it for this week! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

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