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A new version of the ESP8266 WiFi Module is now available, along with a few other new products.

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Hello everyone and happy October! Today we have four new products to share with you - a new version of the extremely popular ESP8266 WiFi Module, a new PCB vise tool to help you around tor shop or workspace, and two different edge connectors that we use on our micro:bit carrier boards. We have an extremely busy October and we can't wait to show you everything, so let's take a closer look!

WiFi Module - ESP8266 (4MB Flash)

WiFi Module - ESP8266 (4MB Flash)


The ESP8266 WiFi Module (now with 4MB of flash memory) is a self contained SOC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can give any microcontroller access to your WiFi network. The ESP8266 is capable of either hosting an application or offloading all WiFi networking functions from another application processor. Each ESP8266 module comes pre-programmed with an AT command set firmware, meaning you can simply hook this up to your Arduino device and get about as much WiFi-ability as a WiFi Shield offers (and that's just out of the box)! The ESP8266 module is an extremely cost effective board with a huge and growing community.

Stickvise PCB Vise

Stickvise PCB Vise


Give your arms a rest! Stickvise holds your circuit board flat so you can solder with stability at table level. These flat PCB holders are great because your hands can rest directly on the table for fine soldering and probing. They also fit easily under a microscope to keep the PCB consistently in focus.

micro:bit Edge Connector - PTH, Right Angle (80-pin)

micro:bit Edge Connector - PTH, Right Angle (80-pin)

micro:bit Edge Connector - SMD, Right Angle (40-pin)

micro:bit Edge Connector - SMD, Right Angle (40-pin)


These right-angle micro:bit Edge Connectors allow you to expand the capabilities of the micro:bit development platform. Two options are available for purchase, a PTH, 80-pin version and a SMD, 40-pin version. Add these connectors to your board to create a handy way to swap out micro:bits for programming while still providing reliable connections to all of their different pins!

That's it for this week! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

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