And The Winner Is...

In The Princess Bride, Westley explains to Buttercup that the name is the important thing for inspiring the necessary fear. Well, the creepy head doesn’t need any help in that department, but we decided to give it a name anyway.

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Recently, after a product demo video, we decided to hold a contest to give our creepy head a name. Lots of suggestions came in, and we settled on a winner. Member #1677740 came out on top, and will be receiving the three primary components used in demo: an Artemis Thing Plus, our Haptic Driver Kit and the new KX132 Accelerometer, plus our Qwiic Cable Kit to hook it all together. Take a look at the video, and meet my newest demo buddy.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and this head by any other name would be as creepy.

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    Craig Ferguson laughs at your snooty French robot.

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