Introducing the Machine Learning @ Home Kit Hookup Guide

We're releasing the living hookup guide for the Machine Learning @ Home Kit! Put what you've learned in the DLI Course to practice and make your home a little smarter with machine learning!

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This past spring, we were excited to announce our newest kit for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano lineup - the Machine Learning @ Home Kit.

SparkFun Machine Learning @ Home Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano


As a refresher, you can check out the in-depth description of the new kit in our on-demand NVIDIA GTC session.

This robust kit is a progression from the baseline NVIDIA DLI Course Kit and supplements it with the addition of Qwiic sensors, displays, and motor controls to enhance the capabilities of your machine learning models. This enables you utilize machine output and interaction in your everyday life.

We're now releasing the "living hookup guide" that accompanies this kit and walks you through real home applications that you can implement yourself.

This guide is an extension of NVIDIA's Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano course, so it's important to review that as well. With the kit's half dozen additional hardware pieces to use in your machine learning models, there are countless project that can be built. Thus, this hookup guide will be "living", meaning it will be iterated upon periodically and projects will be added along the way. Plus, it will teach you how to actually deploy the DLI course projects beyond an example in Jupyter Notebooks!

So check out this newest hookup guide with your kit in hand, extend your knowledge, and get started building and deploying home automation machine learning models in your life!

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