Announcing Dumpster Dive 2022!

After taking a year off, Dumpster Dive is back!

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Dumpster Dive is Back!

Dumpster Dive is back! A few months ago, we asked how you wanted to hear about Dumpster Dive announcements and we listened. It’s been a while since we had a dive, so mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 14th - and maybe set an alarm or two, just to be safe.

We've gone through our inventory, raided our engineer's offices, and taken unused samples. In doing so, we've found hundreds of pounds of Dumpster Dive material to send you! This year the one-pound boxes will be returning for $30; you’ll find boards, LEDs, kits and more inside!

Dumpster Dive 2022

What's a Dumpster Dive? Between samples, customer returns, demo items and old stuff that’s been sitting on the shelves for way too long, we’ve amassed quite a few bins worth of various electronics. It ranges from one-off items, to items that are a little broken or ugly, to items that aren’t worth individually listing and selling. We didn’t like the idea of recycling them, since it could still be useful and worth getting into people’s hands. And so behold: the Dumpster Dive.

The 2022 Dive is live at 12:00 p.m. MDT - please be sure to adjust for your US time zone.

You will be able to find a link to the product on the Sep. 14th blog post, in the New Product Carousel, and on the New Product Page. Be aware that the product will appear on the post but won't be clickable until 12 p.m. MDT.

Rules for the Dive:

Product will be live until we run out! We will not be returning to the made-to-order format of the past few dives. No backorders will be available.

  • September 14, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. MDT
  • Limit one $30 box per customer
  • One-pound boxes only
  • US customers only
  • Economy shipping only
  • No combining orders
  • No on-site sales
  • No support or returns
  • Box contents vary and nothing is guaranteed to work.

Please be aware that having a Dumpster Dive box in your Shopping Cart does not guarantee that you'll receive one! The only way you'll know that you are getting a Dumpster Dive box is to complete your order and receive a confirmation number.

Unfortunately, we were unable to extend the Dumpster Dive outside of the United States again this year. This decision is still based on shipping restrictions becoming stricter, compliance complications, and material handling safety concerns.

As a reminder: The Dumpster Dive is a gamble and the contents are not guaranteed. We will not provide tech support or returns on any of the goods since many are not products we ever supported, or they might be returns with unknown defects. We will be getting orders out as quickly as possible, but cannot promise same-day shipping. Happy diving!

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  • Bryan M / about 2 years ago / 3

    I still haven't figured out what all the junk from my last dumpster dive is but that doesn't stop me from being HELLA EXCITED FOR THE NEXT ONE!!

  • Member #220843 / about 2 years ago / 2

    For the love of all that is fun and electrical, please consider inclusion of UK / Other countries, where a customer has previously agreed to compliance/export restrictions, and get your legal peep(s) to enquire about assigning such randomly unclassifiables to a new "educational intrigue kit - not for resale", we'd agree to anything you came up with :)

  • BerenV / about 2 years ago / 1

    Was anyone able to place an order? I’ve been refreshing the new product page since 11:59am and have never seen it!

  • signal7 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Tip: I think most people know their own timezone pretty well, but having to calculate the time from something other than UTC is a pain. I would greatly appreciate having the time posted in UTC, optionally in addition the posted MDT time.

    • Bryan M / about 2 years ago / 1

      That's probably true for certain types of computer folk but I'd have to look up UTC time, whereas any US time zone I can convert in my head. It might be helpful to either list all the time zones (there are only 4...) or at least Eastern since I assume more people are used to converting from that than Mountain.

      That being said the more people who get confused the better chance I have to get a box 😇 (jkjkjk... mostly)

  • yspacelabs / about 2 years ago / 1

    I made the mistake of not going for the 2020 box, and I’ve been waiting 2 years since for a chance at a random box of electronics goodness.

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