The 2022 Dumpster Dive Recap

An inside look at the big day!

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The 2022 Dumpster Dive has come and gone, with over 300+ boxes sold! Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and was able to snag themselves a box. We hope you have as much joy using the components as we did putting them together!

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Packaged and ready for shipment!

The official stats for the event were 312 boxes sold in 27:17 minutes on September 14th. Many of you may be wondering "where is my Dumpster Dive box?" Do not worry, shipping is going to have all of the boxes shipped out by the end of September! Some customers have already received their boxes, so the rest should be trickling in soon for everyone. Keep a look out for your order, and you should see a tracking number soon enough.

There were some hiccups to the event (website glitches), and every year we continue to make the best out of the circumstances and keep trying to make it as smooth as possible for you guys. We are already planning for the next Dumpster Dive event, but we would love to see if you have any ideas to improve it for the coming years!

Did you get something interesting in your box? Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or in the comments below. We are looking forward to seeing what projects you all have planned!

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  • Member #134773 / about 2 years ago / 3

    I'm delighted with my box! I commented about what I got on the It's Dumpster Dive Day!, so won't repeat it here. I'll add that it was a bit like Christmas back when I was a kid!

    • -KJB- / about 2 years ago / 0

      Glad you enjoyed your box. Thank you for participating in Dumpster Dive and sharing what you got!

  • yspacelabs / about 2 years ago * / 2

    What I got:

    Voltaic 0.6W solar cell, 5mm LED assortment (5x 4 colors) (looks like it came from a kit), Raspberry Pi tft touchscreen with male headers on the bottom, SEN-15338 Capacitive fingerprint sensor (looks like a returned item) (the paper label is also yellowing, so it's likely an older, now retired version), ESP-PROG with loose jtag cables, nano power switch, SAMD51 micromod processor with broken diode on the back, Edimax Bluetooth 5.0 usb adapter/dongle, Qwiic BNO080 VR IMU with too much silkscreen on it, Qwiic quad solid state relay without SSRs, SEN-19013 Qwiic mini Time-of-flight imager, Qwiic VEML6030 ambient light sensor, SparkFun MaKey MaKey kit, an anti-static bag with a "Way to go Tober" sticky note in it that has a code written on it, Plus some random cables and bags

    It really seems like SparkFun just throws everything and anything into these boxes. I don't know why I got a "Way to Go Tober" sticky note and why that sticky note was inside an anti-static bag. Most of the items are things that are now on backorder, but somehow they got thrown in to the dumpster dive.

    Coolest things: Qwiic BNO080 VR IMU, Qwiic mini Time-of-flight imager

    Weirdest things: Sticky note with P6m-19099 written on it

    I was really hoping for some haptics, spectral sensors, random prototypes, and maybe an fpga, but I got some good stuff anyways.

  • Member #773234 / about 2 years ago / 2

    very exiting event, and i am not completely sure why. i had it on my calendar for a month and ignored all my duties for a half hour that day trying to get my order in. most fun i have had in a long time. when it showed up it was like being 6 again at christmas.

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