Ugly Sweater + Machine Learning Kit Giveaway!

Take a one-question quiz for your chance to win an ugly sweater or an ML @ Home Kit!

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To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, SparkFun and NVIDIA have teamed up for a giveaway! Dazzle (or horrify) your friends and family this season with a limited-edition NVIDIA Holiday Sweater!

But, we also wanted to celebrate Computer Science Education Week, so in addition to the sweaters, 2 lucky winners will get a Machine Learning @ Home Kit, which will help you take the next step in exploring machine learning with your Jetson Nano. Speaking of, the Jetson Nano is coming back in stock! We currently have backorders open, so sign up to get yours!

Here are the details:

  • We will have 2 quizzes on LinkedIn on this week, one today and one on Thursday.
  • Each quiz will have 3 Sweater winners, one of which will receive a Machine Learning @ Home Kit!
  • To qualify, you must be following both SparkFun and NVIDIA Embedded's LinkedIn Accounts

*Shipping restrictions may apply

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Don't call it ugly!

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