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The LikeLight

The perfect project if you just can't get enough Facebook.

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Facebook has pretty much wedged itself firmly into every aspect of our daily lives - businesses have pages (like SparkFun's), bands and politicians have joined the party, and of course, your friends and family are probably there as well. In case simply having a profile to show how many "likes" you are racking up isn't enough, I present a neat project called "LikeLight."

Using an ethernet shield, an Arduino, a whole bunch of Legos, and a connection to Lil' Wayne's Facebook page, redpepper built a pretty cool project in the shape of the Facebook "Like" button. Whenever anyone "likes" Lil Wayne's Facebook page, this thing illuminates. Apparently Lil' Wayne is really popular, because this thing goes off like a strobe light. I guess I'm just not "with it" these days. Check out the project page for more information to build your very own LikeLight!

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  • Very cool. This would be fun to change into website hits. probably not too hard... You guys should build one for sparkfun in the shape of the sparkfun logo!

  • With due apologies to the developer's creativity and effort, this and similar things fall into my category of "Waste of time".

    • Also due in part to its association with Facebook.

    • Nice to know I'm not the only holdout.
      If the general public understood the true power of data mining social networks, and knew who was looking at the data, and why, there would be an angry mob with torches and pitchforks demanding an end to Fakebook and its sleazy ilk. So I'll add "ill advised" to "waste of time".

  • Really awesome integration of Legos, arduino, and the web! Gotta love anything that has legos!

  • I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a large amount of time playing with that lego cad tool.

    • I am just glad my kid brother didn't see this. He would have found away to invent other hand gestures.

    • Don't bother, all the cool bricks like the pneumatic pistons, and certain gears are not available to purchase separately.

  • AHHGG!!!
    It is Lego not Legos. (Sheep not Sheeps)
    Thank you
    As for the clear blocks, they would be the colour trans-clear for the whiter ones and trans-blue of the bluer ones.

  • I like the keyboard.

  • I just like the fact that someone has gone to all this effort to make quite a clever device and all any one actually seems to care about is the made to order Lego...

    • Lego seems to take the archetype of Plato's indivisible atom in our collective conscious.Anytime you do something that doesn't subscribe to a fairly well defined role of Lego in our universe , people seem to react at a primal level.
      Cut a Lego or melt one in front of a middle school kid and watch the reaction.
      But on a tech level , as proof of concept, it does have some street cred.

  • This is a way specific question... but does anyone know the name of those clear legos he's using?

  • Lol, lego CAD, it's like lego developed at the same rate I did :D good work though that's pretty cool :)

  • Very nicely done.

  • VERY nice work. Great job man!

  • Very impressive...I especially like that he used a custom lego kit lol

  • Wait...
    You can use some kind of "Lego-CAD" to design a custom Lego kit, then order the kit you designed online?
    Ok, I get the Lego-CAD but how did he get the kit shipped to him in a box like that?
    (Edited to add)
    I had to look at that part of the video frame by frame... you buy the kit you designed right from Lego! It costs 68.85 (USD) for the bricks in that kit. The kit even comes with instructions!
    That's cool. You can't just go "Buy a bunch of Legos"... because what if there aren't enough blue and clear blocks?
    I have to find some excuse to make something out of this.

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