Engineering Days at Colorado State University

We took a trip up to CSU last week to check out some of the senior design projects the students have been working on. Watch our latest YouTube video to get a peek at redesigned prosthetic limbs, a device that will protect your furniture from your cats, and more!

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Cassy and I took a trip up to CSU last week to check out E-Days, where they showcase some of the senior design projects the students from the engineering department have been working on. It's amazing to see what they're capable of, and we were inspired by the life changing work they're getting involved in during their college years.

A team of students redesigned prosthetic arms for one of their classmates who was having trouble eating. Another team designed a device that automatically sprays a stream of water when it detects a cat in its field of vision. A team of students from multiple engineering disciplines is exploring ways to synthesize insulin that doesn't need refrigeration. For a closer look at the list of student senior design projects, check out their website.

We were able to interview a few of the student teams to learn more about their process, the hardware they used, the problems they ran into, and how they solved it all. Check it out below!

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