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The free virtual event takes place on November 14-15. Register now!

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The 2023 Hackster Impact Summit is a 2-day virtual event dedicated to inspiring developers, connecting organizations, and accelerating sustainable technological innovation to maintain and transform the globe’s urban environments. Register for free to gain access to technical workshops, community presentations, panel discussions with tech giants and global orgs and more. Explore the full agenda and get inspired.

About: Hackster is hosting a 2-day developer summit with workshops, demos, panel discussions and project spotlight opportunities showcasing tech initiatives that are making cities smarter, more sustainable and more resilient. Sign up to learn how tech is making an impact in cities around the globe! Machine learning, advanced data analytics and IoT can transform infrastructure, public services, and essential facilities in urban environments.There will be free virtual workshops, tech demos and project spotlights from the community.

Join for the 2023 Impact Summit and learn how machine learning, advanced data analytics and IoT in the field can transform the way in which infrastructure, public services, and essential facilities can be more efficiently maintained in urban environments around the globe.

SparkFun is a proud supporting partner of the Impact Summit but also just a big fan of Hackster's platform in general. Check out our page on Hackster for great project ideas that implement SparkFun hardware!

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