Join the AI Innovation Challenge!

SparkFun + NVIDIA have teamed up to ignite your creativity with this Hackster Contest. Apply for free hardware and win ridiculously awesome prizes!

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Have you bought an NVIDIA Jetson product from us before? Or, are you interested in building an AI application utilizing the Jetson platform? Good news! We are teaming up with NVIDIA and Hackster to support next-gen AI use cases and are giving out a huge purse of prizes to the best projects. Let the games begin!

We'll also be giving out 10 Jetsons to the best project ideas, so make sure you get your idea in before the December 8th deadline. Speaking of timelines:

  • Launch Date - 11/21/2023 (that's today, yay!)
  • Idea Submission Deadline - 12/08/2023 (for free hardware)
  • Free Hardware Winner Announcement - 12/15/2023
  • Project Submission Deadline - 2/16/2024
  • Winner Announcement Date - 3/01/2024

The 3 categories for the contest are:

The prizes are extemely cool, so make sure to go check them out on Hackster's site

Okay, so you might be wondering why we are doing this challenge?

Basically, Artificial Intelligence has become ubiquitous: from personal devices and assistants to self-driving cars and healthcare diagnostics, AI is driving our world to be more efficient and provides innovative solutions across a wide variety of domains. SparkFun (with support from NVIDIA) is inviting our community to build innovative AI applications using the NVIDIA® Jetson™.

By participating in this contest, you can showcase your creativity by leveraging the capabilities of Jetson. Join us in pushing the boundaries of AI and help shape the future of artificial intelligence!

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