...But Can It Run DOOM?

This Wednesday, we are taking a look at our SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board, which is now running DOOM!

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But can it run DOOM? Whether it's a technological benchmark, a nostalgic callback, or a subreddit, people undeniably love running DOOM on whatever they can. Exhibit A:

alt text
Source: Thanks Vice

So, in the spirit of DOOM's 30th birthday (happy birthday DOOM!) our friends over at SiLabs ported this classic to our biggest collaborative launch of the year, the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter Board featuring the MGM240P wireless module. The best part, it runs BLE-based multiplayer!

alt text

Is this the first port of DOOM on a microcontroller? What are your favorite DOOM ports? We want to hear from you in the comments section below!

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