Introducing Thing+ Matter

The first easily accessible board that combines Matter and SparkFun’s Qwiic ecosystem for new IoT development is here!

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It isn't often that we get a new wireless communications protocol, so when our friends at Silicon Labs approached us about a new way to connect compatible devices and systems with one another, we couldn't be more excited! Matter connects smart home devices from competing brands and bridges the gap between Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi in one of the most secure ways possible. This is the new industry–unifying standard that provides a reliable connection and simplifies development for us makers. With that, we are pleased to introduce to you the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P board!

Matter comes to SparkFun!

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P


The SparkFun Thing Plus Matter is the first easily accessible board of its kind that combines Matter and SparkFun’s Qwiic ecosystem for agile development and prototyping of Matter-based IoT devices. The MGM240P wireless module from Silicon Labs® provides secure connectivity for both 802.15.4 with Mesh communication (Thread) and Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.3 protocols. The module comes ready for integration into Silicon Labs' Matter IoT protocol for home automation. SparkFun's Thing Plus development boards are Feather-compatible and include a Qwiic connector for easy integration into our Qwiic Connect System for solderless I2C circuits.

What is Matter? Simply put, Matter allows for consistent operation between smart home devices and IoT platforms without an Internet connection, even from different providers. In doing so, Matter is able to communicate between major IoT ecosystems in order to create a single wireless protocol that is easy, reliable, and secure to use.

The MGM240P wireless module is built around the EFR32MG24 Wireless SoC with a 32-bit ARM Cortext-M33 core processor running at 39MHz with 1536kb Flash memory and 256kb RAM. The MGM240P works with common 802.15.4 wireless protocols (Matter®, Zigbee®, and OpenThread®) as well as Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.3.

Want to learn more? Good! We've written a full guide to get you started with the board and Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio IDE as a development tool for programming, debugging, customizing, etc.

SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P Hookup Guide

March 2, 2023

Get started with the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter - MGM240P with this Hookup Guide. This guide covers the hardware on this development board along with a quick intro to using the board with Silicon Labs' Simplicity Studio IDE.

We are so excited to see what you make with this board! Make sure to check back with us as we continue to make new things with Matter and how it operates with other IoT devices. This is only the beginning of Matter and we are thrilled to see it start here at SparkFun Electronics!

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