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Happy Women's History Month! We asked around SparkFun HQ to find out who everyone's favorite women in STEM to follow online was - find out here who we think you should be following!

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Happy Women's History Month! March is a time we at SparkFun like to celebrate the achievements of women in science and engineering. There's lots of women here (myself included), and we know just how tough navigating male-dominated STEM fields can be. We wanted to give some shout-outs to women working in science who share their life and work online.

I asked around SparkFun HQ to find out what women working in science right now you should follow. Check out everyone's most popular answers below!

All photos were taken from public social media profile pictures.

Alex Glow

Alex Glow is a scientist and maker who creates electronic projects, tutorials, and videos as the lead Hardware Nerd at Hackster.io. She travels around to events with her AI owl named Archimedes, and uses a lot of music and wearable tech in her work.

Allie Weber

Allie, who you can find at @RobotMakerGirl on Twitter, was a host of Myth Busters Jr. and uses her platform to advocate for STEM education. She was even featured on Teen Vogue's 21 under 21 back in 2017 when she was just 12. She's also a patent holder!

Ellie Rose

Ellie Rose is the founder of Cocoa Press, a company that makes chocolate 3D printers (I'm gonna see if we can work one into our budget at SparkFun...), where what you can make with chocolate is only limited by your imagination (and physics, I guess.) You can find her on Twitter @elianarose66!

Carlotta A. Berry, Ph.D

Dr. Berry is an electrical engineering and robotics professor, as well as a speaker, author and STEM diversity advocate. You can find her on Twitter @noirSTEMinist.

Raven Baxter, Ph.D

Dr. Raven the Science Maven is a Molecular Biologist and science communicator. She's the Executive Director of non-profit The ScienceHaven, an organization that aims to close the gap between complex science and the public. She also hosts a podcast called The Science of Life that comes out April 2nd! She can be found on Twitter @ravenscimaven.

Ruth Amos

Ruth Amos is an inventor and engineer. She invented the StairSteady, a stability aid for anyone who struggles with doing stairs independently, when she was just 16. She hosts a YouTube show called Kids Invent Stuff aimed at kids aged 4-11, where their wild inventions get built out by Ruth. You can find her on Twitter at @RuthAmos.

Check out some of our past blog posts talking about amazing achievements by women in science and engineering, you might learn something new!

Who's a woman currently working in science you admire? Let us know in the comments!

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  • rfgnerd / last month / 1

    Thank you ladies for showcasing your strengths, determination, and intelligence to the engineering world and beyond! You inspire all young women considering an academic curriculum in the sciences and eventually a career in STEM. Knowing that there's plenty of "fun" in the world of "Sparks" fuels their excitement! I fully expect to see your nomination and induction into the National Women's Hall of Fame in the not-too-distant future!

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