Happy Arduino Days! Tune In this Weekend, March 21-23, to Celebrate All Things Arduino!

Join this three-day global celebration full of ideas, projects, products, trends, and announcements that support the Arduino community

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Now in its 11th year, Arduino Day - now "Arduino Days"- is one of the largest birthday parties in the world. The celebration happens both digitally and through events everywhere, bringing together people from across the Arduino community - from hobbyists to educators to engineers and everyone in between. The official Arduino event will be streamed live over the course of three days.

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What Type of Content Will Be Featured?

Each day of Arduino Days 2024 has a theme:

  • Day 1 Agenda: Innovative Transformation for Professionals - On this day, be sure to check out Rob Reynolds as he presents the latest in the Arduino and SparkFun partnership
  • Day 2 Agenda: Education, Innovation, and Creativity
  • Day 3 Agenda: Where Maker's Love Builds Tomorrow's World
  • Content on these days will showcase projects, products, prototypes, industrial applications, announcements, trends in tech, and awesome ways to use Arduino. Everyone is welcome to attend any session - just bookmark the agenda and tune in.

    On Day 1 SparkFun's Rob Reynolds Presents "Cloud-Connected Creativity: hands-on demo with Arduino R4 and Sparkfun sensors"

    Tune in toward the end of Day 1 to see Rob present a demo on how to quickly connect the SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout - FS3000-1005 (Qwiic) to the Arduino UNO R4 and then to Arduino Cloud. Great demonstration on how to build out a project or prototype that moves from Qwiic sensor to cloud in under an hour.

    alt text
    Tune in on Day 1 to see Rob walk through a Qwiic Sensor to Arduino Cloud demo

    Interested in the Parts Featured in this Demo?

    SparkFun Qwiic Cable Kit

    SparkFun Qwiic Cable Kit

    SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout - FS3000-1005 (Qwiic)

    SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout - FS3000-1005 (Qwiic)

    SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout - FS3000-1015 (Qwiic)

    SparkFun Air Velocity Sensor Breakout - FS3000-1015 (Qwiic)

    Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

    Arduino UNO R4 WiFi

    If you are interested in learning more about the sensors and accessories in the Qwiic I2C prototyping ecosystem, please visit this page.

    Many thanks to the Arduino Team for letting us be part of this great celebration - we appreciate the opportunity to jointly support the community.

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