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ProtoSnap E-Sewing Tutorial

Check out this new tutorial for the ProtoSnap E-Sewing Kit.

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Over the years, we have worked to expand our E-Textiles offerings here at SparkFun. There was a time when our E-Textiles product line consisted of just a few LilyPad products and some conductive thread. We now have much more to offer, including the fabrickit kits, conductive paint, and thermochromatic pigment.

One of our new-ish kits is the ProtoSnap E-Sewing Kit. In conjunction with this kit, we've made a new video tutorial to help you get started. For this video, one of our graphic designers Nic did some animations to try to explain the kit as clearly as possible. Check it out:



We hope you find the video helpful to show exactly how the ProtoSnap kit works! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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  • I'm sorry but the dialog was very hard to listen to. Like when you get a book on tape with no emotion in it.

    • Thanks for your feedback! It was my first voice over and a little (very) nervous on the takes. We will be redoing the voice over to sound better soon!

      • I knew it was a nervous issue. You sounded that way. :) I hope I didn't come across as harsh or mean.

        • Great, now Pam is in the corner sobbing. I hope you're happy.

          • Actually, I was making Pretzels in the Lunch and Learn just now (hence the lack of a fast reply), so I have food to comfort me in a couple hours when they are done baking. :)

            We love hearing feedback and definitely want to make the videos fun to watch! Normally, being compared to a robot, I would think this to be a compliment, but not in this case. (Then again R2-D2 had more emotion, but probably not as helpful) Thanks again!

            • I was going to say that video was scary. But in no way was reflective of Pam, just the blanket.

  • Wait...this is the video from last week. Or. Aybe my iPad is just malfunctioning, it started the valentines day blanket video, then skipped to toe middle of the video of the flip dot display Wierd

    • Turns out the whole playlist was embedded instead of the single video. Should be a-ok now. Sorry about that!

  • Add some detail on several points...

    Thread the needle -- Dont Lick the Metal Thread. Other tips on getting the notorious metal thread thru the tiny hole without unraveling could be added too. Needle threading tools are expensive at the local store but extremely cheap when bought in bulk. I got a couple hundred for a few dollars on ebay. Consider adding several to the kits.

    Stitch Along ... not all the geeks doing this will have a clue about sewing, especially sewing neatly. Single thread stitch vs doubling up the thread (i was taught double thread for most cloth sewing. Learning to do single thread w/o unthreading needle is a new skill.

    Sew down a corner... cut and knot... a bit of detail here, especially how to hide the end (sew back along incoming thread) so its loose ends are not near the other thread/wires.

    Cleaning up the clipped bits of conductive thread from both the work piece AND the work area is very important. little thread bits can easily short out the project, create intermittent faults etc. They are also a bitch when they get into your fingers, or lunch.

  • Nice video. Looks like the LEDs on the right side get stitched in backwards... and yet they still miraculously light up! :)

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