SparkFun DataLogger: The Easiest Way to Log and Push Data to Your Favorite IoT Platform

With two versions of the SparkFun DataLogger, multiple kits, and a new update on the way, we take a look at the current and future possibilities of the easiest ways to log and push data to your favorite IoT platform.

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Unveiling the Power of DataLoggers

The world is filled with hidden data, waiting to be captured and analyzed. Whether you're a scientist studying environmental changes, a farmer monitoring soil moisture, or a hobbyist tinkering with electronics, the ability to collect sensor data is crucial. But wading through complex wiring and programming can often be a barrier.

This is where the SparkFun DataLogger steps in! This powerful product line offers a suite of user-friendly solutions to streamline your data logging endeavors.

Why They Shine

So, what makes SparkFun DataLoggers stand out? Here are some compelling reasons to consider them for your next project:

  • Beginner-Friendly: Ditch the complex coding! SparkFun DataLoggers are designed for smooth operation, even for those new to the world of data logging.

  • Sensor Extravaganza: The versatility of SparkFun DataLoggers is unmatched. With various options, you can connect to a vast array of sensors, catering to your specific data collection needs.

  • Cloud Connectivity: Take your data beyond the physical realm. SparkFun DataLoggers effortlessly stream data to popular cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, Particle, ThingSpeak, and MQTT, enabling convenient analysis and visualization.

At a Glance: The SparkFun DataLogger Family

SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF

SparkFun DataLogger IoT - 9DoF


Packed with an impressive 9DoF IMU (including accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer), this DataLogger tracks motion, orientation, and heading. It (like all our other DataLogger options below) can automatically detect and read sensor readings from over 50 Qwiic boards without writing a single line of code.

SparkFun DataLogger IoT

SparkFun DataLogger IoT


This WiFi and Bluetooth® powerhouse thrives on the ESP32-WROOM-32E module. It seamlessly integrates with various sensors using I2C, SPI, and ADC communication protocols, offering ultimate flexibility. This is the more economical version version of the DataLogger.

SparkFun DataLogger IoT GPS Kit

SparkFun DataLogger IoT GPS Kit


Designed for effortless use with our very own Qwiic Connect Ecosystem (a chainable I2C sensor family), the SparkFun DataLogger IoT GPS Kit includes a SparkFun DataLogger IoT, a SAM-M10Q GPS Breakout, a Flexible Qwiic Cable, and a USB 3.1 Cable A to C. With this kit, you can track your location, monitor your movements, and gather geospatial data.

SparkFun DataLogger IoT RFID Kit

SparkFun DataLogger IoT RFID Kit


This is a kit that allows users to explore RFID technology. It includes a SparkFun DataLogger IoT, a SparkFun Qwiic Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag, a Flexible Qwiic Cable, and a USB 3.1 Cable. Users can read RFID tags, collect data, and explore wireless communication.

The Data Collection Champions

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious hobbyist, there's a SparkFun DataLogger waiting to empower your data collection endeavors. With their user-friendly approach, sensor compatibility, and seamless cloud integration, SparkFun DataLoggers are the key to unlocking valuable insights from the world around you.

Ready to embark on your data logging adventure? Explore the SparkFun DataLogger family today and discover the perfect fit for your project!

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  • jestr / about a month ago * / 1

    I still have a self-hosted Phant instance (really!) for my IoT logging. Do you have any recommendations for a work-alike or work-similar self hosted platform I could switch to?

    My phant server instance runs in a docker container -> NFS in a Kubernetes cluster on a raspberry pi, if that helps for any suggestions...

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