Get Rewards by Operating a Base Station!

Through Onocoy, you can earn crypto rewards by operating your own base station with our mosaic-x5. Learn how here!

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Operating a base station can get you more than just more accurate GNSS data- you can get paid! Follow along with Nathan in our latest video as he shows us how to set up your mosaic-x5 through Onocoy to start getting rewards!

After setting up an NTRIP connection with Onocoy's server, there's a few configuration steps you have to go through until you're in! After that, you'll need to set up a wallet and enable data validation, and you'll be ready to go! The system works by giving you rewards in the form of their token (BONO) for giving corrections to their service.

Incentives for accurate base station data vary by location, as more remote areas have more demand for location data. Currently, Onocoy's token is in its beta phase and cannot be swapped or used outside of Onocoy. However, they're planning on launching their official token soon and any existing BONO tokens will be swapped for full value ONO tokens!

To find out more about Onocoy, check out their docs here!

This service is compatible with the mosaic-x5 module from Septentrio. Learn more about it here:

SparkFun RTK mosaic-X5

SparkFun RTK mosaic-X5


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