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We have a lot of new products, most of them customer suggestions. Check them out!

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SparkFun and the Exploratory in Los Angeles are teaming to bring you an e-textile workshop. Our own Mike Grusin will be in LA working with Jean and the Exploratory folks to bring you a day based on the Lilypad Development Board.

The morning will cover basic programming in the ModKit environment and the afternoon will be devoted to a project, so bring a garment, a backpack, your bike bag or a Halloween costume to work on. There are still a few spaces left and sign up is here. You can read more about the Exploratory here. We hope to see you Saturday! If your looking for the caption contest winner, we'll announce it on Monday.

Hello Internet visitor. If you're stumbling on this website for the first time, Friday is where we talk about the new products we've had for the week. I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty special day for everyone involved. First, we have a video where I pick a couple of products from the list and chat about them and show what they can do, or how you'd use them. Then we have a pun or two, and then it's on to the whole list of products. It's a thing of beauty really.

I think everyone remembers that time of year when the fireflies came out and you'd collect them in jars. Well, not many people in Colorado seem to remember that because we don't have that many out here. But when I grew up in Illinois, they were everywhere and you could nearly fill a jar in a few minutes. OK, enough strolling down memory lane, let's check out the products for this week.

alt text

If you need to sew 5 buttons into your next contraption, we've got just the thing for you! The Fabric Button Pad has 5 buttons embedded in the fabric, making it easy to add an interface with your e-textiles project. It comes with a paper template, and a standard 0.1" spaced female header, complete with the mating connector.

alt text

The FireFly Jar Kit is a simple no-soldering kit which allows you to sew up your very own PETA-approved jar full of fireflies (well, actually 4 LEDs). Just snap the board apart, sew it into the included felt, put the battery in and you're ready to kill a few solid hours staring at blinking LEDs.

alt text

You asked for it, and how we have it. We've carried the 5V version of the 8x2 LCD, but someone suggested we carry the 3.3V version and here it is! This is a great display for smaller applications. It works with the Arduino example sketch included with the IDE, so it's pretty simple to use.

alt text

Our selection of stackable headers for Arduino boards are pretty popular. A few customers pointed out that we didn't carry the standard female headers, so we decided to get some for you. We have them in 10-pin, 6-pin, and 8-pin, so you can use them for your Uno, RedBoard, or R3 Uno.

alt text

And lastly, we have a simple 20mm SMD coin cell battery holder. We don't always think to carry SMD components, but we use them heavily in producing our own products, so why not? This is the same one we use in the BigTime Watch Kit.

That's all I've got for this week. Many of the products this week were customer suggestions. Keep suggesting, we do listen to your suggestions and try our best to carry everything you might need to make that whacky thing you've been working on. Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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  • It's official: According to my measurements, Rob's beard accounts for approximately 1/3 of his entire head volume.

  • PalmTreesandPICs / about 9 years ago * / 2

    Due to the lack of information present on this post, I can conclude your crack team of humor experts has not yet gathered to decide our short armed friend's fate. I feel like his fate and the Prize is just beyond my arms reach.

  • laptopman / about 9 years ago / 1

    I can't wait to see the RN52 breakout in one of these!

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