CES Day 1 Recap: Drone, Drone, Drone, DANCING ROBOT SPIDERS

A gaggle of SparkFun folks are here in Las Vegas for the 2015 International CES show–the biggest, best, and showiest show for all things electronic. Here’s the highlight reel of Tuesday, January 6.

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We spent Tuesday dealing with time zone scheduling mishaps, running from meeting to meeting, touring the show floor, and attending talks. All so we could bring this to you!

Spider Dress 2.0

spider dress from Anouk Wipprecht powered by intel edison

Image via Make Magazine

This work of art by high-tech/high-fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht is powered by Intel Edison, and would look at home on any sci-fi set-slash-runway. We had to use a picture from Make because the crowd around the model was impenetrable.

Spiders powered by Intel Edison

Robotic dancing spiders were her entourage.

Nixie and the world's first selfie via quadcopter

quadcopter selfie

Sorry it's a poor picture. Cellphone camera + thousands of people = hell on photography.

This little gadget just won $500,000 as the grand prize winner in Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge as the first wearable camera that can fly. The #selfie tag on Instagram is about to get a lot more interesting.

Holographic keyboard

holographic keyboard

The Intel keynote was full of awesome things, but this holographic keyboard made us giggle like in the days of yore, when we were but wee geeklings. Their 3D sensors had a lot of applications, from the amusing and entertaining to assistive technology. Watch the full keynote here.

Underwater TV

underwater TV at CES

...Running on an underwater Raspberry Pi

Underwater Raspberry Pi

A company called HZ0 demoed their waterproof electronics coating. We think they passed.

This 3D printer is OVER 9000

Massive 3D Printer

This printer from 3DP was pretty insane. It has a print area of 1m X 1m X 0.5m. We'll take ten, please.

3D printed instruments

3D Printed Instruments

While we're on the topic of 3D printing, this booth featured a band playing all 3D-printed instruments. They sounded pretty good, too.

Other things we saw: Nine thousand drones (approximately), a whole bunch of immersive/VR gaming headsets, Bluetooth speakers shaped like giant green rhino horns, drone pong, an entire section of 3D printers (remember when these were new and futuristic?).

It wasn't a gadget, but one of the coolest things we witnessed was also from the Intel keynote (I swear, they're not paying us, it was just a really good keynote): CEO Brian Krzanich pledged to invest $300 million to increase the diversity of Intel's domestic workforce. The money will fund initiatives to hire and retain women and people of color, and represents the largest investment yet by a technology company. 

Stay tuned for more updates from CES, and you can follow along with our shenanigans on Twitter under #CES2015, where we'll be live tweeting all day.

UPDATE: The underwater coating company was originally mistakenly identified as H20. This post has been updated to correct it to HZO.

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