April Caption Contest Winner

It's time to announce the winner of our most recent caption contest.

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A couple weeks back, we challenged you to come up with the best/funniest/most clever caption to the photo below. As usual, the entries came flying in and we had a number of worthy competitors. Unfortunately, only one person can take home the prize (in this case, $100 in sweet SparkFun credit).

alt text

Here at SparkFun, we put the IoT in idIoT.

Congratulations, BeerCannon, your semi-disparaging comment tickled our funny bones and you are now the proud owner of $100 in SparkFun credit. Keep an eye on your email for more details.

Thanks to all of you that participated -- we'll be back with another caption contest next month!

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  • BeerCannon / about 9 years ago / 2

    Wow, I knew one day I'd make a funny! First, apologies to Shawn.. it could have been anyone in that pic, I just couldn't resist the IoT quip.

    Thanks for having these contests, it so much fun to read the entries. Double thanks for the fantastic prize of SparkFun credit, which I will dutifully spend before you can say "RedBoard".

    I think I'll buy what I need to have each of my kids build their own little 'bot this spring. We have to ensure the next generation of AVC entrants!

    • No worries! Juan was out there with a camera and told me to "do something." Jumping around like an idiot was the first thing that came to mind, so the comment was most appropriate :)

      Enjoy the prize!

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