SparkFun Live is today!

Join us at 3:00 for some fun e-textiles projects.

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The day is upon us! Join us at the video linked at the bottom of this post at 3:00 MT today, and e-textiles gurus Angela and Amanda will showcase some awesome new projects - perfect for prom! - and help you build a color-changing LED corsage using our Silk Flower LED.

Just imagine it! This could be you:

If you need a refresher on the materials list, you can revisit it here, and if you aren't able to tune in this time, we have a tutorial of the project here. See you at 3:00!

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  • Bravo for the projects! Many cool things. Loved the Carrie twist. :)

    [*Please invest in (or better yet, Build) a studio lighting setup and dimmer board. Just saying.]

    • It is actually on the list of projects to build. Someday. With all our free time.

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