New Product Friday: Qduino!

Today we start preorders on the Qduino, and release a few new versions of classic products!

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Happy Friday, everyone. We hope you enjoyed your week and are pleased to see you back to check out the glorious new products. Today is a good day for new products - today we start accepting preorders for the Qduino Mini! Let's dive on in and check out the Qduino along with everything else new this week.

Qduino Mini - Arduino Dev Board

Qduino Mini - Arduino Dev Board


The Qduino Mini V2 is a tiny, Arduino-compatible board with a battery connector and charger built in, as well as a fuel gauge that can tell you when to charge the battery! This little guy is super small, inexpensive, and is perfect to embed in your electronics projects. The Qduino Mini V2 is the same model awarded to its Kickstarter backers and is Arduino-compatible and 100% open source, meaning that making and programming your first circuit is a breeze.

Teensy 3.2


The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. The Teensy 3.2 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB connection: No external programmer needed! You can program for the Teensy in your favorite program editor using C or you can install the Teensyduino add-on for the Arduino IDE and write Arduino sketches for Teensy!

The Teensy 3.2 adds a more powerful 3.3 volt regulator, with the ability to directly power an ESP8266 Wifi, WIZ820io Ethernet, and other 3.3V add-on boards that require a little more power. Additionally, if it is used within the Teensy 3.1 limits of operation, the Teensy 3.2 and 3.1 are interchangeable!

SparkFun 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout - SX1509

SparkFun 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout - SX1509


Are you low on I/O? No problem! The SparkFun SX1509 Breakout is a 16-channel GPIO expander with an I2C interface – that means with just two wires, your microcontroller can interface with 16 fully configurable digital input/output pins. But the SX1509 can do so much more than just simple digital pin control. It can produce PWM signals, so you can dim LEDs. It can be set to blink or even breathe pins at varying rates. And, with a built-in keypad engine, it can interface with up to 64 buttons set up in an 8x8 matrix.

RS485 Shield V3 - Raspberry Pi

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The RS485 Shield V3 for the Raspberry Pi allows you to be able to have a communication port for your field bus directly connected to your RPi! Even though the RS485 is sometimes thought as an "archaic" protocol, it will allow up to 32 devices to communicate through the same data line over a cable length of up to 4,000ft with a maximum data rate of 10Mbit/s. This new shield allows support for the Raspberry Pi 2!

In case you missed it, we released the SparkFun Temperature and Humidity Sensor last week, and this week we've finished one of our Simple Sketch videos giving a quick demo of the sensor in action.

As a final note, remember that all submissions for the Most Out of Control Photoshop Contest Ever Held must be in by 10 a.m. MDT today! That's all we have for this week, but never fear, we will be back in just seven days with even more new products! We will see you then!

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    Where did RobertC and the new product videos go?

    • M-Short / about 9 years ago / 2

      Sigh, you have no idea... Tune in next week for more Rob!

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