MaKey MaKey Magic

A new video to help you learn and teach with the MaKey MaKey!

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Remember - SparkFun will be closed tomorrow (11/26) and Friday (11/27) while we creep around our Thanksgiving gatherings trying not to fill up on bread or get caught eating pie before dinner. We will return with much fanfare on Cyber Monday!

One of our favorite and most popular kits is the MaKey MaKey. Its ability to turn almost anything into an input key never ceases to entertain us, and since its inception we have watched scores of inventors of every age and ability make innovative and impressively squishy use of the board, and learn a little about electronics in the process. The kit's capacity to combine fun and learning is one of the reasons we love the MaKey MaKey, and can't say enough about its usefulness as an education tool! Check out our newest video about the MaKey MaKey, and see it in action as a few kids make the connection between pears and pianos.

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