Friday Product Post: The Mooshi and Scratchy Show

No anthropomorphic cats or mice here. Just fun, new products!

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Hello and welcome back to another Friday Product Post! We hope you have enjoyed your week and if you haven't, well, hopefully we can make it better. We have a few new products to show you this fine Friday and they are quite the cavalcade of technology! Without wasting any more time, let's see what the creative technologists have to show us:

Thanks to Nick for giving us a closer look at this week's new products!

SparkFun Picoboard Starter Kit

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The SparkFun PicoBoard Starter Kit is your go-to source to begin learning everything about the PicoBoard and the Scratch programming environment. This kit includes your very own PicoBoard, multiple pieces of hardware to get you started, and connecting components to get you hooked up. Using the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive programs based on the input from sensors. The PicoBoard incorporates a light sensor, sound sensor, a button and a slider, as well as four additional inputs that can sense electrical resistance via included cables.


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The Mooshimeter is a multichannel, circuit-testing multimeter that, through Bluetooth 4.0, uses your smartphone or tablet as a wireless, high-resolution graphical display. Each Mooshimeter is able to safely measure 600V at 10A with 24bit resolution, from up to 150 feet away. If you're curious about the Mooshimeter's battery life, never fear – the meter uses two AA batteries and is capable of logging results for up to six months.

Copper Tape - Conductive Adhesive, 5mm (50ft)

Copper Tape - Conductive Adhesive, 5mm (50ft)


Copper tape has countless applications in electronics, from creating low-profile traces for electrical components, to RF-shielding and antenna-making. This copper tape is backed by a conductive adhesive, is 5-millimeters wide and comes in rolls of 50 feet – perfect for more precise projects.

Copper Tape - Conductive Adhesive, 2" (50ft)

Copper Tape - Conductive Adhesive, 2" (50ft)


This conductive tape is nearly identical to its sibling above, still possesses a conductive adhesive and is 50 feet in length. However, this roll is 2-inches wide.

Alright, ladies and gents, this is the end of your Friday Product Post. We hope you are able to find something you need/want this week. We will catch you back here next week with even more new products. See you then!

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