Friday Product Post: AVC, Easy As 1-2-3!

New Products on the Day Before AVC: LIDAR, AutoDriver and Jumper Wires!

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Hello, and welcome back to another Friday Product Post. We have been extremely busy preparing for the Autonomous Vehicle Competition (AVC) tomorrow, but we still made sure to have a huge week for new products! We are pleased to announce that yesterday the LIDAR-Lite v3 was released! We are so happy to have the LIDAR back in stock. Let's dive in and see what Nick can tell us about the new products on AVC Eve.

It's so nice to have the LIDAR-Lite back!

LIDAR-Lite v3

LIDAR-Lite v3


It's back! This is the LIDAR-Lite v3, a compact, high-performance optical distance measurement sensor from Garmin™. When space and weight requirements are tight, the LIDAR-Lite v3 soars. The LIDAR-Lite v3 is the ideal solution for drone, robot or unmanned vehicle applications like the autonomous vehicles in AVC!

This easy-to-use 40-meter laser-based optical ranging sensor has all the core features that made the LIDAR-Lite v2 so popular. Small in form and light in weight, with low power consumption of less than 130mA during an acquisition. And it’s user-configurable so you can adjust between accuracy, operating range and measurement time.

The LIDAR-Lite v3 is available for pre-order. We expect to have these in stock and shipping by early to mid-October.

SparkFun AutoDriver - Stepper Motor Driver (v13)

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The SparkFun AutoDriver board is based on the STMicro L6470 dSPIN stepper motor driver. This powerful chip allows you to control a stepper motor with a voltage from 8 to 45V at 3Arms over an SPI connection. The AutoDriver board has been designed to be easily integrated into a project, even with multiple boards. Just connect your motors and your SPI-capable microcontroller and get steppin'!

Jumper Wires Premium 4" M/M - 20 AWG (30 Pack)


Rounding out the pack today is a 30-pack of 4" long jumper wires. Yup, just jumper wires. We have received a lot of requests for these little guys, so we are finally carrying them. Because each wire in the pack is only 4 inches long, they work perfectly in SIK situations where you don't need longer wires.

That's it for today, folks. If you are able to make it out tomorrow for AVC, we'll see you there. It's going to be a lot of fun! With autonomous vehicles, power racing, battle bots, hands-on workshops, an Engineers' Lounge and more, there's something for everyone. If you can't make it, tune in to any of our three dedicated AVC YouTube channels to watch the competition all day on September 17!

Races and competitions will start around 9 a.m. and run until approximately 3 p.m. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at 4 p.m.

For a full schedule of events, check out our digital program.

Regardless, we'll see you back here next Friday with even more new products. See you soon!

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