We're a bit behind today because of the snow. Most departments are closed or running on short staff.

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Things are going to be running a bit behind today. A storm moved through last night and has left 6-8 inches in its wake. Please feel free to call but many departments are closed or running short of staff. The weather says Tuesday is going to be sunny and 54F. You have to love Boulder!

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  • Be glad you missed the storm that went through north of Colorado, through the Spokane area. We got something like 20" of snow in a 24hr period, with about 80" in a month. Hopefully it is not going to be that bad, good luck with getting rid of all of that snow.

  • Man i wish i were there in that snow! We had a 41degC (~106F) today and its still 31degC (~88F) now at 10PM. i'd swap for the snow anyday!
    Adelaide, Australia

    • hahahah yah im in florida... but ive been that hot too when i was in iraq... when its 118F in the shade, thats just crazy!!!
      i just miss the snow.
      but im taking my son to the beach today... hes only ~17 months old... so its an exploration for him.
      last time he was chasing all the birds!!
      lovely 70's here.

  • Hello from New Zealand where I shall be thinking of you and the snow as I return from my swim at the beach where its just hit the peak of summer. Must be time for a cold beer.

  • ahhh i miss colorado! i was stationed at FT Carson for a while (and had 2 years in iraq while i was there....) so didnt get much colorado time...but when i was there, the snow was always fun to play in...
    one of these days im coming back.
    u guys hiring?

    • Never hurts to ask! Shoot you're email/resume to spark at We're always looking for good people (that enjoy powder days).

      • will do :)
        hey u guys ever go up longs peak? was my fav..
        how bout the 3 presidents climb/scramble? (mt democrat/boss etc)..

        • I climbed Democrat a few years ago, but didn't get to the other peaks the same day because of lighting.
          Its a great, easy climb becasue you can park your car (yes 2x4 road) at Kite Lake a couple of thousand feet from the summit. Would of liked to get in a couple of more that day though.
          Never done Longs, its usually too crowded, but would like to.

          • best time to do longs peak is in may. (not many people...)
            you still get snow and ice... its nice weather in the parking lot, but up on the boulder field its snowing....
            pack the crampons and ice axe and do it in winter. the trail is a lovely slippery slide of ice. i did it that way. didnt see anyone on the trail.

  • You're patchpdb site is down btw...

    • BatchPCB - oh, ya! Sorry about that. We're still trying to get power back on to some of the computers. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Enjoy the snow - Michigan was hit hard this weekend as well.
    Maybe some interesting derived-from-boredom gadgets will come of this downtime? :)

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