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Dumpster Dive Reminder

It's getting close!

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It's Labor Day here in the United States, and we hope all of you celebrating are having a fun and safe holiday. We just wanted to jump in today and give you a quick reminder that Dumpster Dive 2017 is only a little over a week away! On Wednesday, September 13, Dumpster Dive will return.

This Dumpster Dive does come with a few new rules. Let's go over them one more time.

  • September 13, 2017, from 10--10:10 a.m. MT
  • Limit one box per customer
  • 1/2lb boxes only
  • U.S. customers only
  • Economy shipping only
  • No on-site sales
  • No support or returns

We have been busy prepping for the 13th to try to make this as easy to take part in as possible. Make sure to be here at 10 a.m.; otherwise you may not get a Dumpster Dive box.

We are excited for this year's Dumpster Dive and hope you are too! If you need more information, it can be found in our original blog post. We'll see you on September 13!

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  • MDT or MST? I'm in Arizona, so it's kind of important which one.

  • For those unsure of the exact time, here is a countdown timer to the exact second.

  • 10 am, but what time zone are you in?

  • Please Consider pushing the dumpster dive back for those of us affected by the hurricanes (Texas/Florida) and possible power/data loss. I know I've been waiting a long time for the dumpster dive to return. Assuming no other issue/harm prevents us in Florida from the shangrila of the dumpster dive, power outages and congested/non-functioning networks/flooded houses may! Please take in to consideration! 😀

    Thanks, Dez

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