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After a decade we finally got around to giving LilyPad the attention it deserves!

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You may have noticed some strange coloring to our website this week. This purple invasion is an acknowledgment of 10 years of LilyPad's invention. LilyPad is SparkFun's line of e-textile and e-sewing boards. Over the past decade these products have made up a good portion of our in-house board designs, but they've never had a place on our site to call home. Now we have this Resource Center:

LilyPad Resource Center

The new microsite finally gives LilyPad the treatment it deserves. This is something many members of SparkFun have been looking forward to. We've gathered all the knowledge you'll need to get started using sewable electronics, including a helpful overview of each product in the LilyPad line. There's also a great section of special techniques for e-sewing and projects you might want to make in our how-to guide.

LilyPad Products

If you've never tried e-sewing, it is a great way to introduce some flexibility into your projects. Now that we have this resource guide, there's no better time to challenge yourself to start a new project. We look forward to changing and evolving the microsite over time as the line itself evolves. We were happy to introduce our newest addition last week: the LilyPad ProtoSnap Plus.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the site and what other products lines you would like to see get a similar treatment. Thanks for checking in, and Happy 10-Year Anniversary to LilyPad!

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  • PickledDog / about 7 years ago / 1

    I notice that the E-Textiles category page has a link to the LilyPad Resource Center, but the LilyPad category page does not.

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