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Four Weeks of Free: Week Two

Get a Small Parts Kit for free!

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UPDATE: Week Two promo is sold out. Check back for Week Three details on 7/16/2018.

The Four Weeks of Free promotion has rolled into its second week! This week you can get a special Small Parts Kit for free when you purchase $40 or more, add the Small Parts Kit to your cart, and use the promo code FREEW2 at checkout. We took some of our highest demand parts and stuck them all in a box just for this occasion.

Check out the product below and go here for more details on the Four Weeks of Free promotion. Better hurry though – we've only got 250 kits to give away!

SparkFun Small Parts Kit

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  • Gee... I was a bit surprised that it qualified for "free shipping"! I was expecting to have to pay for "economy" shipping on this one, as the rest of the order was only about $47.

    By the way, I can see uses for the "small parts kit". One that comes to mind is to have in the "go box" for Amateur Radio -- makes a good assortment of parts for "emergency field repairs". Another is for folks like me who spend noticable chunks of time at a location other than home -- since it's about 5 hours via airplane to my girlfriend's place, I have a "stash" of parts there "just in case"... anyway, IMHO, the "SPK" would make a good "permanent addition".

    I'll probably cobble together another order during week 4 as well! ;-)

  • 249... Mine's already on its way :)

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