Two words : Missile Switch. Oh, and we have a new USB o-scope, an great universal enclosure, servo controller, SPI interface board, WiFi module, AVR USB HID stick, and a few small components.

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I hope everyone had a good forth of July! We've been playing catchup and getting some new products posted that we're pretty excited about...

It's a toggle switch and a safety cover. But just imagine what you could 'safely' control...

A new 200MSa/s USB O-scope is now available. We tested a few different o-scopes before picking the one we liked the best. The software works well (only in Windows, booo!) and is priced decently at $250. I used printf debugging a lot but for more complex builds, it's fantastic to have the ability to capture/view signals.

ESawdust has created a new, ruggedized enclosure to help protect your project. This is a great box that is designed to work with Arduino, Atmel NGW100 single board computer, and many more dev boards! It's a burly thing that can be modified to work with almost any board.

OpenServo is a neat project to turn servos into I2C controlled devices. This makes it easier to control a large number of servos with only two wires! This board is designed to be implanted into an existing servo and act as a local servo controller.

SPI Shortcut is a board designed to make it easy to communicate with SPI devices. By attaching an SPI sensor or device to one end of the board, and USB to the other, you can easily and quickly check registers, take sensor readings, and do all sorts of neat SPI tricks with simple serial commands.

The WiFly is getting better by the day! The WiFly is a WiFi module with a UART interface. Super simple to use, you basically Telnet into it, setup a web page, read data from the network, really everything you need to get data from your micro out to the world over a standard wireless network. A very cool little device. Breakout board is coming soon.

The world's smallest AVR dev board. It's the AVR Stick! This little board plugs directly into a USB port and comes up on a computer as a keyboard using the HID stack. Why is this cool? Because you can tweak the code on the AVR to do analog to digital conversions and then have the board literally type the resulting values into an excel spreadsheet. It so cool I'm just itching for a cool project to use it on...

I was tired of rolling up little bags of parts and trying to sort through all the junk on my workbench. What I discovered is I use a lot of a few basic parts (headers, 0.1uF caps, 5V regulator, BJTs, LEDs, 10k resistors, etc). This double-sided parts bin is great for sorting out all the small parts and making it easy to transport your basic nerd needs.

Your basic 10k linear trimpot. Super simple to use and pretty well priced. It even works in a breadboard! We like it because it's big and easy to manipulate. No screw driver needed!

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