Everything Arduino: The Arduino Class, The EL Escudo and El Hexapado

EL Escudo new shield for Arduino. A new class for Monday and a few new user submitted projects.

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The 5th class in the SparkFun lecture series will be held this Monday, July 27th at the SparkFun headquarters. Topics include the basics of embedded systems and programming using the Arduino platform and IDE. A must for students and hobbyists alike.

The EL Escudo (the shield) is an Arduino Shield that allows you to control EL (electroluminescent) wire. Don't forget to check out our EL wire tutorial.


SparkFun has made it into space, hitching a ride on the satellites Castor and Pollux. The Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment involves two satellites. One of which was designed, with the help of some high school programs out of Fairfax County, VA, using Arduino, the ADXRS401 Gyro Breakout Board (now replaced by the ADXRS614), the MLX90609 Gyro, and PNI's MicroMag3 Magnetometer.

This is el hexapodo, an Arduino based hexapod robot.

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