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We've got a little bit of everything on this post. A USB Touchscreen Mouse, the Citizen Engineer comic book, cool customer projects, the 4th SparkFun summer school class, and of course, a few new products.

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Alright, we've got a bunch of really cool stuff to show you all. First off; the AVR based USB Touchscreen Mouse tutorial using our PSP touchscreen.

Vimeo seems to be having problems at the moment. Watch the video here if it doesn't load.

We really needed a good tutorial to show you how to use our touchscreens. In this tutorial, I hacked our PSP touchscreen and turned it into a USB mouse.


Lady Ada and PT from adafuit industries have created a comic book-style learning guide called Citizen Engineer to specifically fill a void that's out there - "there aren't any comics that have women as the heros or comics that actually teach you something in a non-lame way."  Volume 01 is the SIM card hack

Here are some science worthy projects that rely heavily on SparkFun resources. Using our 5DOF IMU, 3DOF IMU, 6DOF v4 IMU, and Logomatic, a graduate group from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia studied the effects of turbulence on various RC aircraft configurations. In addition, the IMUs were used to study aerobatics, not only for the RC planes, but for snowboarders as well (notice the blue boxes on the snowboarder's goggle straps and board). Great work Mujahid!


This is a laser based hand sensor for speed rock climbing that uses SparkFun's laser module and light sensor. Nice work Landon!

SparkFun's 4th summer school class is on Monday, July 20th. We will be teaching how to solder surface mount and through-hole components. By the end of the night, you will have a functioning Simon game to take home and show off to your friends. Sign up here!

To help with your soldering, we now have some new helpful tools; a third hand and an illuminated monocle magnifier.

This little guy is a hall effect sensor. Commonly used for magnetic sensing in devices like the trackball on the Android phone. 

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  • tommyfra / about 15 years ago / 1

    Very nice the Touch Panel interface, is a resistive touch panel?

  • aardvark-electronica / about 15 years ago / 1

    1) I have only accolades for Sparkfun's posting of people's projects... it is great to see the variety of projects.
    2) When do you think you could branch out and get us some of those classes in the San Francisco Bay Area - or are there any suggestions of similar classes, i.e. local groups associated with Sparkfun?

    • nagmier / about 15 years ago / 1

      Check out the "Techshop" Its a really interesting concept. I wish we had one in the Tampa Bay Area :( but they may have some electronics classes.

  • drex / about 15 years ago / 1

    errrr i meant maxtouch.... :-)

  • drex / about 15 years ago / 1

    hey that touch screen project is prettt cool :-)
    have u guys seen the upcoming Qtouch from atmel? soon to be released (theres a countdown hahah).... should be cool.

  • uh-oh, I think I am in love!

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