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There are so many, where do I start...

Concave buttons in colors black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow. These are similar to what you find on arcade games. They go great with the much similar convex buttons.

This is a breakout board for the Telit GE864 Quad cell module. This thing is really small considering the amount of features: integrated TCP/IP stack, serial multiplexer, ADC, DAC, GPIO, SPI, and I2C interfaces. Need I say more?

You know that little trackball in your Blackberry? Yea, we got that. And a SFE Eagle Library footprint.

This is a kit that includes the 'bubble gum' parts that we regularly use. A good starter assortment of caps, resistors, ICs, regulators, diodes, and good-for-blinky LEDs.

We now stock a new stepper motor with a cable attached to the motor.

The PICAXE X2 microcontroller is the second generation of PICAXE chips; providing four times the memory and a number of additional input and output pins, when compared to the 40x1.

The TellyMate Shield equips an Arduino with the ability to send simple text and graphics to a TV by simply using the TX pin (pin 1).

These are stackable female headers, with extra long legs -- great for stacking Arduino shields. Comes in both 8 pin and 6 pin.

We now have a breakout board for the ultra tiny, powerful, and hard to solder OS4000 tilt compensated compass module.

Triple output RGB LED with diffused acrylic!

A 5V USB wall adapter.

This is the latest, a long proven line of Accelerometers from Analog - and now the holy grail in power consumption has finally arrived. The ADXL335 is a triple axis accelerometer with extremely low noise and power consumption - only 320uA!

The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ?16 g. The really cool thing about this little guy are the special sensing functions: activity/inactivity detect, tap sensing, free-fall detect, all mapped to two interrupt pins!

Check out our new soldering tools including a lead free solder spool, a basic 40W soldering iron, and generic solder wick. All of the essentials for a great price.

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  • Drone / about 15 years ago / 1

    Wah? The Telit GE864 breakout is $139.95 with the module on-board. The Telit GE864 module alone is $79.95. Why did the BOB double in price? Howzat SparkFun?

    • The joys of BGA. Inspection and testing is more complex and the yields on production are not fun.

  • Odin12345 / about 15 years ago / 1

    All parts really need a manufacturing part number or at least a datasheet. For example, the switches.
    What kind of voltage isolation does it have? Can it handle 120/240 volts?
    What kind of current can it handle?

    • Great point. I wish we had a formal datasheet, but our suppliers rarely have such niceties. The concave buttons have a replaceable microswitch built in that can handle up to 3A @ 120 VAC. I failed to list the specs because nothing I build comes even close to this (assume = bad). I will fix the page descriptions.

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