Friday Product Post: Develop Something New for 2019!

On this last New Product Post of 2018, we have plenty of new development boards for you to use!

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2018 is just about over, ladies and gentlemen, so let's send it out with a bang! This week we have the new version of the HiFive in stock, and new Pycom boards!

HiFive1 - Arduino RISC-V Dev Board


The HiFive1 is a low-cost, Arduino-compatible development board featuring the Freedom E310, making it the best way to start prototyping and developing your RISC‑V applications. Not only can the HiFive1 help build RISC-V platforms, but it is also the first commercially available option to do so! The HiFive1 can simply be plugged into your computer via the micro USB port located to the front of the board. Additionally, the HiFive1 comes programmed with a simple bootloader and a demo software, so you aren't restricted to the Arduino IDE.

Pycom FiPy

Pycom FiPy


Pycom GPy


With Sigfox, LoRa, WiFi, BLE and cellular LTE–CAT M1/NB1, the FiPy and GPy are the latest Pycom MicroPython or triple–bearer, MicroPython-enabled microcontrollers on the market today – the perfect enterprise grade IoT platform for your connected Things.

Pycom SiPy - 14dBm


Pycom SiPy - 22dBm


The Pycom SiPy are triple-bearer, MicroPython-enabled microcontrollers with Sigfox, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We have two options available when it it comes to the SiPy boards, a 14dBm model and a 22dBm model. With the latest Espressif ESP32 chipset, the SiPy offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness and flexibility. Create and connect things everywhere, fast.

Pycom Pysense

Pycom Pysense


Pycom Pytrack


Imagine a shield you can use with any of your Pycom multi-network modules: that's what you get with Pysense and Pytrack – a leg up to get you off to a great start quickly. These little fellows fit all Pycom boards, and each contains a number of sensors.

Alright, folks! That's it for this week and this year! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

We'll be back next week with even more fantastic new products!

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