Friday Product Post: Micro-Manage Your Qwiic System

A new SAMD21 Micro Development Board, a new version of the Teensy Shield, and a different look for our safety glasses.

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Hello everyone! We have a few products to show off this week and it all starts with the the new SAMD21 Qwiic Micro Development Board. This is the newest and one of the smallest options if you want to incorporate Qwiic-enabled functionality without taking up too much space or weight. We also have a new version of our popular Teensy Arduino Adapter Shield, and an updated design to our safety glasses!

Tiny, Fast, and Powerful!

SparkFun Qwiic Micro - SAMD21 Development Board

SparkFun Qwiic Micro - SAMD21 Development Board


Looking for a super small microcontroller to use with the Qwiic ecosystem? The SparkFun Qwiic Micro Development Board is molded to fit our standard 1"x1" Qwiic standard size, which makes it one of our smallest microcontroller offerings to date. At its core is the powerful and versatile ATSAMD21E18, which is an ARM Cortex M0+, 32-bit microcontroller, with 256KB of flash memory that can run at up to 48MHz! It has 12 digital pins that include five analog pins, SPI, I²C and an additional UART data bus. It has a Qwiic connector for easy integration into the Qwiic ecosystem and I²C prototyping.

Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter

Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter


The Teensy is an amazing and compact development platform in a breadboard-friendly form factor, but what if you could incorporate it into the Arduino architecture? The Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter allows you to attach your Teensy and utilize your favorite Arduino shields without a breadboard or any complicated wiring. Needless to say, the Teensy Arduino Shield Adapter is a useful tool for upgrading your existing Arduino projects to a more powerful controller!

SparkFun Safety Glasses

SparkFun Safety Glasses


We've actually carried these SparkFun safety glasses for quite a while, but we just had them updated with a slightly new design. We use these for eye protection in our production lines and classrooms here at SparkFun HQ!

That's it for this week! As always, we can't wait to see what you make! Shoot us a tweet @sparkfun, or let us know on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see what projects you’ve made!

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