Enginursday: Non-Addressable RGB LEDs

Add color to your projects with analog LED strips!

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I recently wrote a tutorial on how to connect and control non-addressable RGB LED strips. Non-addressable (a.k.a. analog) LED strips can only have one color turned on at a time over the entire strip. However, they are lower cost and are easier to use compared to their digital counterparts. Since these can be powered at 12V, daisy chained strips do not require power to be injected as often as the 5V.

Non-addressable LED Strip Powered

While you could just apply straight power to the non-addressable LED strips, you are limited to seven colors. You would also would need to adjust the connection every time you need to change the color. Using a microcontroller with PWM pins and a few power transistors enables you to be more flexible with your color options, adjust the brightness and include basic animations.

For more information, check out the tutorial linked below.

Non-Addressable RGB LED Strip Hookup Guide

February 19, 2020

Add color to your projects with non-addressable LED strips! These are perfect if you want to control and power the entire strip with one color for your props, car, fish tank, room, wall, or perhaps under cabinet lighting in your home.

Happy blinking! ^_^

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