A Sneak Preview of Our Latest Qwiic Product

Today we have a special treat for you - a sneak preview of one of our latest products before we release it! See why all our testers gave it five stars...

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Have you ever had problems trying to daisy chain Qwiic-enabled boards with only ONE Qwiic connector? Or maybe you need a Qwiic-enabled device that is not in the middle of a daisy chain? The brilliant minds from our SparkFun engineering team have come up with a solution through rigorous testing... introducing the Qwiic MultiStar!

Qwiic MultiStar Preview

Let's take a sneak peak at the fabulous five features of the Qwiic MultiStar!

Qwiic Wire Splicing!

Gone are the days of splicing together wires with a cutter, wire stripper, soldering iron and heat shrink (even electrical tape) to make a connection to boards that only have one Qwiic connector.

Qwiic Cable Spliced without MultiStar

Save time by chanting the number of Qwiic cables that you need and throwing the Qwiic MultiStar at a long Qwiic cable!

Long Qwiic Cable Breaking into Smaller Qwiic Cables

The Qwiic cable will be divided into smaller Qwiic cables upon contact. You also have the option of removing each smaller Qwiic cable from the Qwiic MultiStar. Amazing!

MultiStar with Smaller Qwiic Cables

Expanding on Boards with One Qwiic Connector!!

Depending on the design, there may only be enough room for one Qwiic connector. With the Qwiic MultiStar, you can connect these boards with ease without the need to splice wires together! In addition to chanting the number and throwing the board at the cable, make sure to also have your Qwiic-enabled devices nearby to automatically connect your project together!

Qwiic Cable Connected to Boards Each with One Qwiic Connector

Alternatives to Daisy Chained Configurations!!!

The Qwiic MultiStar can also be used as a hub so that you do not have to place the board with one Qwiic connector at the end of the daisy chain.

Qwiic Cable Divided with Qwiic MultiStar and Connected to Qwiic Devices

Qwiic Mounting!!!!

Remember the leftover PCBs from LilyPad boards that were thrown up at the ceiling in the previous SparkFun HQ building? Or those LED throwies from way back when? We thought it would be an excellent to build on these ideas by making sure the Qwiic MultiStar was extra pointy so that you could mount your project to the ceiling or wall! Just make sure to wear a pair of safety glasses and ensure that there isn't a person in the Qwiic MultiStar's path as it's being thrown.

Mounted on the wall is the Qwiic OpenLog Artemis connected to GPS, LiPo battery, BME280/CCS811 Environmental Combo Board, and MultiStar

Qwiic Climbing!!!!!

I'm great at dancing but really bad at climbing. Luckly, I had the Qwiic MultiStar with a Qwiic cable to help.

Stress Testing the MultiStar Throw at a Wall in the Middle of a Flip

By throwing the Qwiic MultiStar and attached Qwiic cable at a wall, any Qwiic cable connected will become infinitely stronger. The tensile strength is off the charts! Once thrown at the surface of a wall, the cable will hold your weight so that you can scale walls!

Attempting to Climb a Wall with the MultiStar and Qwiic Cable

Stay Tuned

We're still trying to figure out where the Qwiic MultiStar draws its powers from to splice Qwiic cables, hold its shape when thrown at a metal wall, and strengthen cable wires. Is it from the power of the sun? Dark matter?! Magic from another dimension?!? One thing is for sure - you'll love this outstanding product for your next Qwiic project!

Stress Testing with the MultiStar Project Thrown at the Wall

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  • NotDavid4JustDavid / about 3 years ago / 4

    This is definitely not a beginner thing. However my daughter has a Martial Arts Black Belt. I'm sure she could make QWIIC use of this product!

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