Recap: Meet the Engineers (Part 2)

New to the “Meet the Engineers” series or need to get caught up? Check out the videos for the first two webinars featuring Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA!

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Back in May we had an incredible time learning more about the NVIDIA Jetson Nano platform in part 2 of the "Meet the Engineer" series we co-host with Elekor. We were so excited to have NVIDIA join us for a conversation - you can watch it now to learn more about the basics of the platform, plus fun ideas on how to explore the world of machine learning.

Never heard of the Meet the Engineer series?

This is a really cool series we created with our partners at Elektor. The webinars give us a chance to talk with the engineers behind some of your favorite products and platforms, getting the inside look at how and why they were created! The first part in the series covered the Raspberry Pi RP2040 and featured Eben Upton, founder of Raspberry Pi, and our very own Nathan Seidle.

Want a copy of the SparkFun guest-edited edition of Elektor magazine?

Check out our blog post about the edition. We’re giving away free copies of the English language edition of the magazine with orders using promo code: MAGAZINE21 (rules and info on the promo code can be found in the blog post).

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